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  • We are eco

    We pay special attention
    to environmental issues

  • The largest producer

    We are the largest
    producer of stretch film in Poland

  • Advanced technology

    We have a modern
    technology park

  • Favorable price

    Thanks to effective production,
    we offer the best prices

  • Experience

    Over 20 years
    on the market

  • Guarantee of quality

    We are responsible
    in every way

Our products are only savings

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1. The type of foil you are using

2. Number of goods pallets you wrap with foil on a scale of 1 day:

  • 10
  • 100
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2000

Weight of foil 17 μm used on a scale of 1 day:

9.44 kg

The weight of our foil used on a scale of 1 day

5.67 kg

3. You save so much

On a scale of
1 year


On a scale of
1 month


On a scale of
1 week


On a scale of
1 day


About us

FOLPOL R.Barczyk J.Cygan sp. jawna is established in the end of 1998. Partners of the company, Robert Barczyk and Jacek Cygan, began the activity as the civil law partnership in 2004, in 2008 the company was convert into the general partnership and in such a legal form is functioning to this day.

FOLPOL operated in the sector of supplying customers from very beginning, with time has started the production and specialized in delivering to customers everything, what is needed at packing process, in it, modern technologies and a novelty on the market of packages. All the time, providing to our customers, we follow the company’s idea maximum services in activity conducted by us. From 2008 we are acting in the own property, in Wolka Zaleska, where we are trying to realize the idea motivating us from very beginning...



Having a long-term experience in delivering everything, to the efficient course of the process of packing, we consider ourselves specialists in this respect. At one time in our company the following motto was central enquiry: Should we pack you? And its continuation: Determine, what you expect and we will already carry it out!

Today, from a perspective of years, it seems that our motto was a little bit funny, can even childish. However, did it lost certainly on the topicality? Maybe not that much Pack you? and Pack something for you? Would be an more appropriate question, which we are setting our customers today. Because so there is reality, we are able to advise, to deliver everything, what is needed in order to organize the process of packing, in your company.

For years we are cooperating with the most serious producers of packages, machines and devices, with research institutes, we are participating in scientific conferences, in the fair, in Poland and in foreign countries. However, first of all, we have completed many permanent and pleased with our service Customers. We collected this all experience and still we are meaning to carry our current motto out: "ALWAYS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS ORDER"


Wólka Załęska, ul. M.Reja 6,
05-532 Baniocha

NIP: 123-10-29-091
REGON: 015803517


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