Faq - frequently asked questions

We can but it isn't … so easy. To make such a conversion it is necessary to know the density of the foil expressed in KG/M 3. Get in touch with us and we will send you the formula which enables to count weight of the foil to its length and inversely.

It is the low density foil, about range of stretching up to the 300%. What is better? It has sides wrapped up and with the strengthening belt glued in, what practically eliminate the possibility of breaking.

Well, a little bit to less information ... but you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Are you noticed delays in preparation of goods for the dispatch?
  • Whether parameters of wrapping up the stretch film are fulfilling the requirements? Is the stretch film tension correct?
  • Are happening the defectively wrapped up palettes?
  • Aren't the labour costs too high?

If answer for the one of above mentioned question is positive it seems to be, it's already time.

Definitely more cheap is putting company logo on stretch film. Imprint on film isn't so expensive as the comparable solution with using the wrapping tape.

Very general question but we want to point out that our salesmen are specialists, which can always provide advice. What's more, they will advise how to organize the process of packing in your company, will be informing you of new releases and trends in this respect. Do you still more want? We can take over the process of ordering goods in our company from you. We will analyse your demand for products, delivered by our company and we will offer you the frequency and the structure of orders. What's more, if you agree on such a solution, we will provide you, the needed for your company, stock in our magazines.

We don't have a problem, we are following the relevant regulations in this respect, we are settling the reasonable customer complaints so quickly, as soon, as it is possible.

No to easy question, it depends … on the product, on the history of the cooperation with the customer but generally we are very flexible.

Yes, like in case of all products offered by us also from silage films are very important for us. We are trying to follow the market trends, innovative products from this field. We are following the demand of the market, putting the new, select goods into the offer. The offered by us silage film is fulfilling all, well-known to us, expectations of the market:

  • it has high properties of constricting and let to get high quality haylage
  • it provides the crash barrier before the access of the air, what allows to avoid losses of the sustenance of haylage
  • our silage films are tight fitting (are sticky), contain stabilizers protecting from damaging by the solar radiation, are produced from the first-class of raw materials, what prevents damaging them during transportation and the process of wrapping up.

Big, what can be possible easily to explain, light colours (including the white and green, which we offer) are reflecting more light (read warm) compared with dark colours, what provide the best possible conditions for the fermentation and thanks to and minimize losses of the sustenance and the possibility of the spoilage pickle green fodder.

Of course, in the 100% our foils are biodegradation able.

According to held permissions, we are getting back from our customers, by our transport waste of plastics, marked with a code 15 01 02, waste package of paper, cardboard, code 15 01 01 and paper, cardboard code 19 12 01. What can you count on? The efficient service and the brush-off of this problem in your company.